A journey through sound

What is known as “sound healing”?

A sound "healing" journey is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body, mind, and spirit with the intention of harmonizing them into a state of oneness. The traditional use of the word healing may cause confusion in this context however, while I value the precise words we use and how they can manifest, I also do not get caught up in the semantics of this in great detail. Why? Because I truly believe, in this type of environment, when you combine sound with positive intentions that the recipient (and practitioner!) does receive a sense of healing - however that may be defined. 

From a high level, sound calms the mind, relaxes the body, aligns the chakras, and will leave you in a state of bliss. It can be viewed as a form of meditation that heightens your awareness and brings you in touch with your inner self. Among many other benefits, it's known to help ease anxiety and depression, improve sleep, release emotional blockages, and assist in coping with events that may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What are some typical use cases for sound treatments?

Sound can help you:

  • Quiet a busy mind

  • Decompress from or relax before a stressful event, meeting, trip, day

  • Ease a psychological (mental and emotional) condition(s)

  • Cope with seasonal affective disorder

  • Get in touch with your inner self allowing you to embrace your inner voice

  • Sleep better at night

  • Expand your consciousness

  • Let go of people, events, memories, traumas, etc. that no longer serve you

  • Induce a state of peace and overall tranquility

  • Improve mental focus and clarity

  • Enhance creativity and spark inspiration

  • Reduce self defeating behaviors (secondary gain)

  • Make peace with yourself and others

  • Provide a sense of community

  • Reinforce self-love

Who and what will be involved?

All of my sessions are one-on-one. I prefer to create an intimate environment for this work to unfold allowing each individual their own time and space to open up and release. I practice the art of getting into a state of flow which is essentially finding a way to channel the sound through me rather than by me. I have a protocol that I use as a general guideline but I keep it open and free.

The session begins with a brief discussion about your intentions and I'll answer any questions you might have. I use sage for smudging you, me, and the instruments to clear the aura and space. We will then create a moment of silence to channel in our intentions and, when the moment is right, I will introduce sound.

We'll invite in the vibrational sounds of contemporary and master-quality Tibetan singing bowls, crystal pyramids, shruti box, tuning forks, koshi chimes, tingshas, and more. I also use Acutonic forks on specific acupressure points along the meridians to activate, release, and/or disperse energy. 

Wearing comfortable clothes is suggested.  

How many sessions are recommended?

As in all things in life, everything is a choice and so this is completely up to you. It would be a pleasure to work with you once or on ongoing basis. My teachers have recommended four to six sessions as a good starting point and to allow an adequate amount of time to determine if this is something you connect with. 

In closing...

The session starts and ends with sound of the tingsha. Those receiving sound typically fall into a state of trance or may even fall asleep. That's a good thing! After hearing the final sound of the tingshas you'll have some time to gather your awareness and slowly sit upright. I always enjoy hearing about your experience and having a short exchange if you're up for it. We'll both wash our hands with cold water to shake off any last remnants of the session and it's always recommended to hydrate for the rest of that day/evening. Afterwards, even for several days, keep in touch with yourinnerspace. You'll most likely have more focus and clarity, experience deeper and/or lucid dreams, improved dream recall, and be more in tune with your higher self and life purpose (so take notice of the messages you receive during this time). I'll leave the session with the same benefits and therefore we'll share a sense of gratitude with and for each other. 


Vincent Fiore